About us

   your wishes and our solutons achieve the best outcome!

We are single-lined mounting that type of buildings. (Licence EE H003807). Have a look previously made work.

According to sphere of usage there is a selection between three product groups:

*Framehalls- high quality and long-lasting buildings

*SPIDER-V system build buildings- cheaper and no need for massive foundation

*Plastic halls- fast installation- no need for licence for the construction

We offer full resolution:

*Projection ( General project, special work project, construction project)

* Getting licence for the construction ( official work for getting the building licence)

*Construct foundation ( different solutions for foundation)

*Founding the floor ( solutions made according capebility of the building)

*Making steel framework ( entirely automatic lines)

*Attaching steel purlins to construction ( Z and C purlins  or wood)

*Assembling side-construction ( roof and walls)

*Assembling filling openings ( doors and windows)

Have a look at all product groups and don’t be modest to ask for the price. We reply as fast and as detail according to your present data. For bigger interest, it’s nececery to organize a meeting where discuss technical aspects and to make sertain action plan. It would be our pleasure to come to you.

We are continuously developing dynamic company.

Pleasent co-operation!

With respect