Objects, Lately finished objekts

Here you can view some lately finished objects: Storage hall- bureau building, Veemaailm, Kadaka tee 131; Farming machines storage hall in Varbla; Murru prison vocational training centre; Wastewater cleaning building, Kalev; Storage hall, Eldur Puit OÜ, Pärnu.
Montage of Murru prisons vocational training centre
Framing works for Murru prisons vocational training centre
Murru prisons vocational training centre
Murru prisons vocational training centre
Kalev wastewater cleaning building
Kalev wastewater cleaning building
Working on Kadaka tee 131 working site, on the second morning
Veemaailm storage hall- bureau buiding
Montaging Veemaailm storage hall- bureau building
Roof covering- Areco TP128 profile
Building has been devided into bureau and a show hall
Done !!!
Building materials shop in Saaremaa
Cantilever bridge is the best solution for using under-roof space
Unloading the hall in Mõtsu
Lifting the frames in Mõtsu
Evening of the second day
One week later, Mõtsu
Plastic window attached on the hall
Due to short days, we had to work under flood lamp
Attaching the Z-profiles
Details were lifted into place straight from the truck, Ruila
Hall in Ruila farm
Covering with RP 45 profile
covering with RP 45 profile
Eldur Puit OÜ storage hall
Eldur Puit OÜ storage hall, montage done by AS Savi
Steel frames are received
Hall in Turu
Baltic Log Cabins