Objects, Montage

It might seem unreal, but the mounting of an average build filehall takes just ONE DAY. For that, is required well prepared foundation and well organized work. There is an example below. On the morning of 28-th of june the transportation from storigefield to construction field started and 4.PM in the evening 4 workman have finished the work.
8AM, transportation of framing parts to the working site has started
09.27 the truck has arrived to the working site
10.23 Fieldwork has been successful so far
11.27 Montage of the sidewall
11.35 Still working on the sidewall
12.28 4 rows of poles have been affixed
15.00 Fixing sidewall strutting
17.00 Double checking and tightening the bolt assemblies
18.10 The work has been done. Truck is driving home
18.12 Tomorrow montage of Z- and trapeze profiles will start